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Welcome to the online Lana Williams - Choreographer Dancer Portfolio. This talented performer is highly passionate about every project and regularly travels to collaborate, learn, and perform. Open to working on conceptual projects that enable a daring exploration of storytelling, this artist ensures world-class performances around the nation. For more information about specific services provided and how you could work together to create an impressionable show, get in touch today.

Movement styles I specialise in:

  • Swing era dances (late 1800's to 1950s) - US and UK Styles. Including jitterbug and jive ​

  • Lindy Hop

  • Charleston

  • Authentic Vernacular Jazz (including vaudeville and minstrel shows)

  • Contemporary Vernacular Jazz Fusions (including circus, hip hop, African, contemporary dance, tap and regency)  



Lana Williams - Choreographer sees performance as not only a profession but also a lifelong passion that can be harnessed to make a meaningful difference. At a young age, this artist began viewing performance as a way to help others express their emotions, challenges, and adversities. To bring change to your community, get in touch to find out how Choreography can help San Francisco develop as a leading habitat for equality, humanity, and education.

Break Dance Crew


Lana Williams - Choreographer has been a professional performer in the industry since 2000, and has amassed a diverse range of skills and techniques in the process. If you choose this service today, you’ll discover the difference quality coaching makes on your growth as a performer. As an artist like you, they understand the experience and talent necessary to make it big in the industry. Interested in this service? Schedule your first appointment today.

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