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Lana Williams brings classical dance technique to a contemporary world. Lana’s methodology aligns the natural talents of a body with the creative vision of the director. As a choreographer,  her wide-ranging experiences inspire and motivate young dancers to realise their creative potential.


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Lana Williams is a Jazz dance specialist and uniquely qualified in the vernacular jazz dances of the late 19th & 20th century. Her professional dance training and career, complements her historical knowledge of Jazz, dating back to its' African Origins. Her work can produce both historically accurate depictions of Jazz and Swing dance, or contemporary performance fusions of the styles. Her work allow the audience to understand the subtle differences between Broadway jazz of the 1960s onwards and the authentic vernacular jazz movement that preceded it. 


Vernacular jazz is rooted in African movement, with European dance influence.  It is the preservation of lost culture and the expression of the human drive to overcome. Vernacular jazz has an energy, effortlessness, and spontaneity that is unrivaled at communicating emotion on the screen. Lana can utilise a physical language that compels us to challenge our own presumptions.

Styles: Lindy Hop, Swing, Charleston, Tap, Vaudeville, Jazz (Vernacular and Broadway Styles). 

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Lana Williams is an educator, working to preserve the cultural and community-focused roots of vernacular jazz and also to continue to integrate contemporary practice with the




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